Every other year, students have the opportunity to embark on a study abroad trip to Utqiagvik, Alaska. They study climate change with sophisticated geophysics equipment, but for the 2020 trip, they will be designing their own equipment and completing projects for any major.

This project was especially fun because I knew nothing about geophysics nor Utqiagvik, Alaska, so plenty of research and meetings with the client were involved. The client wanted a site that was approachable and included reflections from previous trips to get a prospective student excited to apply. The main purpose was to increase the number of applications to the trip, and ultimately funnel them to committing to the trip.

After watching beautiful photos of a perpetual sunset, learning about Utqiagvik’s history through climate change, and looking at group photos students wearing Hawaiian shirts and bunny boots in sub-zero temperatures (it’s a tradition, and they’re only outside for a few seconds), here’s the completed site.¬†