Riding in Style

By Alexa Nash

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Top-notch transportation can be tricky to find for the big day. It all depends on the size and type of your party, and there are plenty of vehicle models to choose from. Vice President of Crown Limousine Steve Morris, who has about 15 years of experience in wedding and special-event transportation says, “Make sure [you] get a consultation.” Often, the best way to discover what works best for your wedding is to just sit down with your chosen transportation provider and go over the details. Morris founded Ashland-based Crown Limousine in 2011 under the mission statement, “Providing exceptional service at a fair price.” Here’s what he shared about arranging transportation to ensure you get to and from your wedding with ease (and in style).

Bride: Which vehicle is best for small, medium and large wedding parties?

Steve Morris: It all depends on how many are in the group. Small, you’re looking at a small limousine, and medium to large you’re looking at a limo bus which seats up to 26.

Bride: Should the vehicle model differ based on the type or location of the wedding?

SM: I always like to talk to [a bride] to see what she likes; she might like a bus or she might like something else. I always like to have a consultation on the phone to see exactly what her needs are.

Bride: Is there a limit to the number of guests Crown Limousine can transport?

SM: The highest limit we have is 29 passengers. If they need higher, … we have a lot of partners around town — such as the different bus companies — that we could get a 65-passenger bus or motor coach from. We can get just about any type of vehicle that you would need.

Bride: How early should a vehicle be reserved?

SM: As early as you want; I’ve got weddings already booked for December. As soon as you get your plans, it would be best to get it on the books.

Bride: Are there any extras included such as decorations, drinks or snacks?

SM: We’ll put out the red carpet and we’ll have a “Just Married” banner on the back of the car, and we don’t charge for that. … They can bring alcohol; we just can’t provide it for ABC reasons. Soft drinks and bottled water are included in the price.

Bride: What’s the time limit on the vehicles?

SM: [People] have at least a three-hour minimum, but if they want longer that’s no problem. The DOT [Department of Transportation] law says that we can’t go over 11 hours, but if you do it’s not a problem; we just have another driver come in.

Bride: How affordable are your services? Is there budget pricing available?

SM: There’s a more competitive aspect now and people want the bottom line and the cheapest price possible. That’s not always the way to go, but that’s what people look for. We have to negotiate to remain competitive [based on set prices, needs and wants].

Bride: What are the perks of having arranged transportation and why?

SM: Well, you don’t have to drive. Large groups especially like the big buses because they can stay together. We can always get the group there on time, and whatever they want to do, we’ll do it.

Bride: What other advice would you give about wedding transportation?

SM: Make sure [you] get a consultation. We would like for people to come out and see what they’re getting. A lot of times we have people say that after looking at pictures, when they show up, the vehicle looks totally different. I highly encourage the bride to please come if they have the time or I’ll bring it to them, to check out what we have.

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