My main goal when I joined the University Relations Web Communications and Strategy team as the Social Media Coordinator & Web Content Assistant Producer at Radford University was to grow Radford’s social media presence by increasing awareness and engagement.

Taking photos and video for social media and web allow me to tap into my visually creative side, and I often write the captions in my head as I’m shooting. Highly effective multitasking: I’m here for it.

I should note that all mentions of “we” includes myself and consultations with the Web Communications & Strategy team. After all, there is no “I” in team.

Radford’s brand voice is traditional. So, I expand upon that to reach the appropriate audiences.

〉Facebook. That’s where our parents, alumni, and families typically go to see higher education content.

〉Twitter. The Twitterverse is usually where we find the campus community: think faculty, staff, student organizations, and anyone who’s chatting about how Radford squirrels are, in fact, superior to other squirrels. Don’t @ me.

〉Instagram. Ah, there are the current and prospective students. They love a curated feed of lovely campus photos, the best pictures from annual events, and profiles of their peers. Instagram Stories is the best place for engagement with the use of engagement and GIPHY stickers. We recently began using IGTV to post Choose Radford profiles, which are short videos that spotlight why a standout student chose Radford for their university experience.

LinkedIn. Radford’s largest number of followers are surprisingly on the professional networking platform. We cater content to this audience of alumni, current and former faculty and staff, upperclassmen, and local businesses in the form of relevant news stories.

Although the day-to-day of social media management is a blast, social media client partnerships are special opportunities for stepping out of the box.

I do have my favorites, and this is definitely one of them.

2018 Spring Fever

This initiative was in need of a refresh, and I was given complete creative freedom when developing the social media campaign. Excited to find ways to connect with students, alumni, and the campus community, I drew inspiration from a video script. There was a 70s throwback feel to it, which resonates with both the old(er) and young audiences, but for different reasons. We created new and repurposed content with the help of creative services, and paired it with ~groovy~ copy. Here are a few of my favorite posts:

This was a repurposed gif from 2017. We added the signature swirls for 2018.

See tweet.

Going off of the literal throwback theme, our creative team member animated this photo and added the swirls to bring my vision to life. It turned out awesome!

See tweet.

This animation of a text conversation was the final iteration of the idea to have different campus icons (Kyle Hall, Muse Hall etc.) “talking” to each other about Spring Fever. The text conversation played well on social, as well as on the digital boards on campus.

See tweet.

Same video as above.

Overall, the campaign yielded above average engagement for similar advancement campaigns, and there was cross-platform campaign recognition.

As of October 2019, we are in the brainstorming and production phase for the 2019 #HighlandersGiveBack social media campaign. Keep an eye out for that content on our social media channels!