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Episode 1: Roots

“Roots” describes the southwestern region of Virginia through firsthand accounts of those who live there. Strong feelings about the issues that Giles County Public Schools face from chronic underfunding come to light through its school […]

Dollar for Dollar: Former Governor’s budget, if passed, would still fall short in Virginia’s Appalachian schools

Former Gov. McAuliffe’s “Caboose Bill” could bring $1 billion to schools in the Commonwealth. Southwestern Virginia districts say that it’s still not enough.

Agriculture Shifts to Sustainability

The agriculture industry is evolving right alongside its consumers to meet the demand for local and sustainable products grown by farmers for generations, but using modern technology.

Gender Equality, STEM and the Army

Victoria Mouras, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech, discusses her career as a female in the Army and in Civil Engineering, including advice for young women following her same path.

In light

A selection of photos taken manually using different light scenarios for photojournalism stories. — — — —