Tie the knot at Maymont Park

Maymont is a Victorian country estate in Richmond, Va. founded by James Henry Dooley and his wife, Sallie May Dooley in 1886. It is a signature Richmond location which boasts an original mansion built in 1893, 100 acres of pastures, a Nature Center, a farm and several event venues. The park has been rated as a top wedding destination by local publications because of its romanticism, accessibility and numerous options for the big day. Popular destinations for engagements and weddings include the Japanese Garden and Italian Garden, both original to the property. Future fiancés can plan an engagement along with the event staff, who can keep the secret until the question is popped. Each couple that gets married at Maymont are taken down to their wedding venue by horse and carriage, no matter which wedding package they choose. Couples chose from an approved list of caterers for their reception. Prime wedding season is April through October. The most popular seasons are spring and fall, and last year Maymont hosted almost 70 weddings.
Maymont is popular among Richmonders for nostalgic reasons, Bartley Mullin, Maymont Foundation event coordinator, said. “Usually people have some emotional tie or childhood memory in the park. We’re all about building on memories.”